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Android Development

Android is a Linux based Operating System developed by Google and Open Handset Alliance. Since it is an open source, it is being adopted and modified by many mobile companies to implement it on their mobile device. In short span of time it has gained huge popularity and many companies have started developing applications for Android platform.

As many companies are opting for android for their mobile devices, there is huge demand for applications to provide various functionality and features on this platform. In comparison to applications developed for iPhone, the number of application developed for Android is less. However, with the booming sales of Android-based phones, the demand for supporting applications is also increasing. Android provides various built-in features and flexibility to develop a diverse range of mobile applications. The developers can easily build complex application by writing managed code in the Java language and controlling the device by using the Java libraries developed by Google.

Way IT Solutions has seen the tremendous opportunity right from its developing phase and has started developing application on this platform. We have a team of experts specializing in Android Apps development, and working progressively. We offer you various services from a very simple assessment to full Android software development projects. No matter how simple of complex your requirement is, our team is always ready to provide solution to all the challenges.